Best Android emulators for your Windows and Mac PC

Android has been gaining popularity across smartphone users because of the high-end features and facilities it offers with each software update. Android apps are extremely convenient to use.

Besides, these are not at all expensive as compared to their ios counterparts. Most of the android apps come free of cost or contain some minimal in-app purchases. Android apps, as well as Android games, are extremely popular among the users.

So people try to find a way of using these features in their PC. Now, why would a person want to do that? Let us explain:

It saves the precious battery life of your high-end smartphone: When you indulge in high graphics game, your smartphone gets heated up. This drains out the battery life of your smartphone. Also, you will always need to run for charging your phone every now and again.  Using the apps and playing games on your PC saves you from these problems.

You need not strain your eyes by staying glued to the small screen of your tablet or smartphone: You get to enjoy the view while playing games on the larger screen of your computer.

You will get easy access to the android apps on your PC: You can use android apps with great features on your Windows or MAC PC.

Testing of apps is also possible: App developers get to test different apps before submitting them for publishing.

It allows you to play multiple games or run multiple apps simultaneously on your PC: You can watch a video while chatting with someone on WhatsApp.

Now you may be wondering how to use android apps on your PC. Android emulators will come to your rescue. There are several android emulators available which you can use to run Android apps on your personal computer.

The huge number of emulators out there may confuse you. You may wonder which one you should use. We have come up with a highly effective list of some of the top android emulators that will meet your needs and requirements.


This is quite an old android emulator. You will be glad to know that it comes for free. You will be able to add it as a Google Chrome Extension. Chrome will enable you to run different android apps and games on your Windows or MAC PC.

The best part is that this effective android emulator is compatible with operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, and OS and so on. ARChon is different from other android emulators. Another feature that makes it quite attractive is its lightweight.

This is possible due to its integration with Google Chrome. ARChon supports the latest Android operating system. Minimum Windows 7 is necessary for installing this emulator.


How can we not add this to our list? This is one of the top-notch android emulators. Users highly prefer using this android emulators owing to its effective features. Bluestacks is compatible with Mac as well as Windows PC. Also, developers come up with regular updates for this emulator. This keeps the emulator free from bugs, glitches and errors. If you want to unlock some of the premium features of the emulator, you need to pay a specific amount. Bluestacks is highly beneficial for gamers as well as app developers.


This android emulator is especially dedicated for the gamers. It has premium features like keyboard mapping, actual controller support, gesture controls and so on which make the emulator a gamer’s haven. Nox is compatible with Mac as well as Windows PC. It does not have the issue of crashing down. The higher stability of the emulator makes it quite popular. It also offers multiple control options to the users such as a joystick, sketch board and so on.

Bliss OS

This emulator comes absolutely for free. You need not pay any extra charges. Also, there are no unnecessary ad interruptions in between. It offers you an exact Android experience that too on your personal computer.

In case you are confused, download any of the above-mentioned android emulators, and you are sorted for your life! Hope the article proves to be handy.