Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC – Version 7/8/10

If you are wondering what an ios emulator is, then let us tell you that it is a type of software that allows you to install and run ios apps on your Windows or Mac PC. These emulators allow the app developers to test their apps on their PC. The developers need not worry about buying an ios device. They can test their apps on normal Windows PC as well as using these emulators. If you are a casual user, you can run the ios apps on your PC and need not invest on an ios device. There are several benefits of ios emulators. Let’s have a look at all of them:

  1. Testing of apps: These ios emulators allow app developers to test out their app on their PC. These emulators make it feasible to test cross-platform apps on Mac or Windows PC.
  2. Enhanced gaming experience: The emulators boost the gaming experience of the gamers. Because of these emulators, the games can be enjoyed in higher graphics quality. 
  3. Running exclusive ios apps on your PC: It is possible to be a part of the ios ecosystem even without possessing any ios device. An ios emulator makes this possible. You become capable of running ios apps on your Windows or Mac PC using effective ios emulators.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: You can save a lot of your money as you need to invest in an ios device to enjoy the games and app features of ios. All you need to do is to download an ios emulator that comes either for free or for minimal charges.

Now if you want to download an ios emulator, you may come across an issue. As compared to android emulators, very few ios emulators are available that are efficient. Do not worry as we are here to have you covered. You can go through the below-given list of ios emulators. And make a well-informed decision accordingly. Here we go!

  1. Ios simulator in X code: This emulator is owned by Apple itself. It is compatible with TV OS, Ios, and iMessage and so on. This ios emulator enables the user to interact using device rotation, tap, scrolling, and so on. It goes with both Windows as well as Mac PCs. It also allows app developers to test their apps on PC using this emulator. It comes for free. You need not pay any hefty charges for using this ios emulator.
  2. Electric mobile studio: This definitely doesn’t come for free. You can test your apps on a Windows computer by paying a certain amount using this emulator. It gives you a trial period of over seven days. It comprises of features like those of iPhone, iPad and responsive apps. This emulator allows you to use the same product for two machines, be it for your workplace or home. This emulator comes with a key navigation system for the purpose of mapping shortcuts. After the trial period gets over, you need to pay a certain amount in order to enjoy the premium version of the emulator.
  3. TestFlight: This ios emulator is owned by Apple. App developers find this emulator to be highly beneficial. Apple officially recommends this emulator to the developers for testing their ios apps. The extensive documentation of this emulator is the USP of this ios emBeulator. However, if you are a beginner with the emulation stuff, then you may find the installation process of this emulator to be quite technical and complicated. This ios emulator is available for free.
  4. Ipadian: This is a paid ios emulator. It is one of the topmost ios emulators available in the market. It gives you the feel of the latest ios 10 on tour PC. It has features like Siri, iMessage, App Store and so on. It enables you to enjoy the Apple ecosystem that too on your PC without buying an ios device. It gives users a full-screen view. It has a custom app store. It entertains the users with games, free videos and music. It supports Facebook notification and messages. It allows social chat too. But this emulator needs you to have Adobe Flash Player.

by now, if you have made up your mind for downloading ios apps, then choose any one of the above-mentioned emulators. This will allow you to enjoy the premium ios features at a much lesser cost.