Best Upcoming Android Mobile Game for May 2020

There are several exciting Android games available in the play store. But when you actually suit down to download a great game, you end up wasting your internet as well as time.

The Google Play Store offers you a plethora of options when it comes to fun-filled adventurous games of different genres. Some are horror based, while others are sports-centric. Some games are meant for kids while some other games are there that are suitable for the grownups only.

If you want to spend some quality-time playing an adventurous and exciting game, then let us help you. All you need to do is to scroll down and go through the list of popular android games that will give you the best times of your life. Here we go!

Minecraft pocket edition: Over the years, this game has been creating ripples in the gaming industry. It is an immensely popular game which drives the gamers crazy. This game is highly addictive in nature. You will definitely fall for the excellent graphics of the game. The game takes you to a cube based world, full of possibilities. It allows you to mine into the earth to survive. You can compete or even collaborate with other players as well. You get to explore the attractive world of stunningly beautiful android game.

Kingdom Rush: This is one of the best tower defence game available in the Google Play Store. It stands out of the competition because of the cartoonish graphics.  You will be plunking down through different pathways and finally reach your base. There will be scads of enemies following you. They will want to destroy your home. You need to win the game by using lots of strategies. Each victory will make you satisfied and take you to the next level.

PUBG Mobile: This is a survival-based battle royal game. The game is right now making the entire gaming world go crazy. It is a fast-paced game. You are dropped into the battleground with your teammates. You get the option of playing solo, duo or in a squad. Team communication and strategy are highly essential to win this game. The safe zone keeps on shrinking, while you need to fight other competitors. You will get to loot a lot of houses. You need to survive till the end to win the game.

PUBG mobile has excellent graphics. The audio quality is also too good. The game developers keep on encouraging gamers by providing free gifts and rewards. You definitely need to try this highly adventurous game.

80 days: This game is an inventive adaptation of the classic “around the world in 80 days”. This game takes you on a voyage. The game is set in the backdrop of London. You get to explore new routes as you travel from one city to another. You get to ride different vehicles and use different means of transportation. There will be many roadblocks as well as obstacles on your path. You have to complete the trip within the given time period. Your single decision has the ability to change the entire course of the game.

Another Eden: This is a highly interesting mobile JRPG game. Through this game, you get to time travel to different periods in history. This game is one step ahead of the regular mobile RPG games. You get to roam around the highly interesting gaming world along with your teammates. Also, you will get to fight battles. There is no issue of limited energy or lives. This game has been a huge hit in the year 2019.

Call of Duty: This is a game an immensely popular android game. Rarely do we come across any gamer who hasn’t played this game. Once we notice its gameplay and graphics, we feel compelled to download this game. This is a 100 player battle royal mode just like PUBG mobile. The game does contain certain in-app purchases. But these are not compulsory. This game contains some bugs, but with regular updates, the developers try to remove those bugs.

These are some of the trending android games that have kept the gamers highly engrossed. If you want to spend some adventurous time during this boring lockdown face, do try any of the above-mentioned games.