How to Dowload Softwares without getting hacked

Take a step back and try to count the number of downloading and uploading you do in a day. The count would be large, right? Is this a problem? Well yes, it can be a massive problem and threat for your data that has stored much sensitive information. While downloading and uploading, we welcome many viruses that hit the functioning of the system and even lead to breaching of data.

We all love the internet, and it is practically not possible to ignore its existence and use in this era. It offers many games, videos and documents that we share and download very often. Internet surfing has become the most outsource for entertaining and killing boredom these days. The power and benefits of the technology are immense, but the fact that it has two faces is also undeniable. It’s one face aids us with our day to day work and its second side face is that of a hacker. There are many hackers out there that are in constant search of online prey that intend to snatch our personal information and misuse it to make money.

Now, staying away from technology is not possible but staying safe is definitely in our hands. So, here we have brought you techniques to surf safely and enjoy downloading as well.

  1. VPN: The most useful and accessible step that you can take to surf safely is by using a VPN that stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a paid privacy service that keeps the surfing shielded and prevents unwanted entrance over public Wi-Fi hotspots. It can be referred to as a secure tunnel between the device and destinations that are visited online. It lets you browse with a mask on as your IP address is manipulated, and you use your servers’ IP address instead. It enables us to work anonymously, and helps to block access to censored sites.

Some of the recommended VPNs are:

  • TunnelBear VPN: it encrypts the data by working in the background. There are some websites that are legally accessible only in a few countries, but it works by changing the virtual location, allowing you to run those sites.
  • NordVPN: It creates a perfect balance between price and performance and targets optimum security.
  • It promises excellent privacy by registering you on fake locations.
  1. Seedbox: the sole job of seedbox is torrenting. Once seedbo0x is done with downloading the torrent, you are free to download it from the server to your computer safely using a protocol. They have incredibly useful bandwidth and are essential for home connections that are asymmetrical but have slower uploading speed than downloading. This is quite an inexpensive method with high efficiency. The rate of seedbox server ranges from 100 Mbps to 1250 Mbps

It is straightforward to use seedbox remotely with no tracks to the local desktop IP.

The most common type of seedbox are:

  • SeedStuff (France, Canada and the UK)
  • Whatbox ( US and Netherlands)
  • Pulsed Media ( France and Finland)
  • Tuvix (France and Netherlands)
  1. Proxy: A proxy server is nothing but a connecting rope between you and the internet. It’s an intermediary server that detaches end users from the website. Proxy servers offer distinct levels of functionality, security, and privacy, depending on your use case, needs, or company policy. The proxy server can be deployed for controlling internet usage of employees and children to block access to unwanted websites. Also, it can help in bandwidth saving and improves speed.

Various types of proxy servers are:

  • Transparent proxy
  • Anonymous proxy
  • Distorting proxy
  • High anonymity proxy.

It works as a shield against cyber attacks by giving more context to better analyzing the users’ abnormal behavior trends. With this, you will be notified of any sort of suspicious activity with actionable intelligence to investigate and deal with the incident.

The world of the internet is overcrowded with masked hackers that are always looking for their next prey. So it is highly essential to use the tips as mentioned above that can save you from falling in the trap of the cyber criminals.