Top 6 upcoming iOS games to play during the quarantine

The global pandemic has turned out to increase the demand for new games on the iOS platform, and Apple has made sure to avail the opportunity at its best. The gaming world is filled with a plethora of pre-existing games, but the demand is never satiated.

2020 is a great year for all the gamers out there because iOS is about to welcome tons of new games that are built over the foundation of best graphics and finest sound quality. But with so many options out there, you will definitely end up getting jumbled and muddled. So, here we have brought you the top 6 games that are about to make their debut. Have a look at the list:

Castlevania: Symphony Of the Nights

Castlevania is an opulent name in the gaming world. This game makes you travel through Dracula’s Castle in which the negative lead Alucard has to be killed. As you unravel through the levels, you will be able to unlock many tools and features that will aid the gamer through the upcoming hindrances. As you cross levels, you can witness all the deeper recesses and secrets that the Dracula’s Castle has, waiting for you to unfold.

Castlevania: Symphony Of the Nights, is best played with a controller because the touch screen controls can be a little laborious for the precision that is demanded by the game. This upcoming game is most awaited by the gamers due to its hard to cross levels and satisfying progression. It is slicked down with a high presentation and unique interface. If you want to run this game on PC, you can use Xpadder for windows.

Minecraft Earth

It is developed by Microsoft and is one of the sets of projects that are prepared for the tenth anniversary of Minecraft. It is free to download and is built with advanced augmented reality technology. Minecraft Earth is the adaptation of classic Minecraft and has the functionality of fighting, crafting, gathering resources and interaction with the world of gaming. 

It utilizes Microsoft Azure servers and provides a rich gaming experience with 3D objects. The highlighting feature is the construction mode where gamers can create their own constructions or large projects with fellow players that are active in the immediate vicinity.

NieR Re[in]carnation

It is developed by Applibot Studio that is better known for its previous games like Gangroad Joker.  It is expected to go out in 2021, but the final dates are yet to be announced by the publishers. NieR Re[in]carnation offers  3D graphics that reproduce a unique atmosphere.

Naruto: Slugfest

Naruto; Slugfest is a  typical RPG game in which the user has to help the heroes from Manga to defend their home. It offers 3D graphics and also offers a day and night system with dedicated, dynamic weather conditions that can give you the real life sensations.

Here, the player has to choose from 4 characters: Earth Keeper, Blazing Lotus, Thunder Assassin and Wind Shooter. All four of them have varying abilities and specialities.  This anime game also features interesting daily challenges that double the difficulty level. As the adventure steps higher and higher, the features get unlocked, and it multiplies the abilities of the characters.

House Flipper

This iOS game is announced to get released in October 2020 that will be published by PlayWay which is known for thrilling game 911 Operator. This is a mind tricking game where you are an investor who buys a house in need of renovation. After purchasing the house, you have to restore the house into a better state. For this, you have to break the unnecessary walls and get rid of unwanted pests.

As you cross the levels, you can unlock the tools that will help in the renovation process. Apart from construction, you also have to make purchases of furniture and use decoration skills. This game is not just restricted to breaking down the walls because, in the end, you have to make the profit by selling off the property at the best price that will add value to your gaming score.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

This game has been built over the idea of the multiplayer mode and features the story that is focused on the global threat. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad has vibrant and colourful, three-dimensional graphics that are based on “low-poly” technology.

To get the hang of this game and be an expert, you should have a tactical sense and abilities to provide the heroes with better equipment skillfully. This game is played with two opposing teams, having a group of five people each.